Greetings from Ukraine! Very substantial site and beautiful dogs. I wish you the further successes in cultivation. Yours faithfully, Angela

Was looking true your gallery at your homepage.must say, its not often you see such nice kennels, and breeders that realy care, love and take good care of there dogs and let them be a part of the family..all the best of luck in the future!

You sure do breed some very awesome pups there. I Had bread my girl only twice. the first litter was 7 girls and 1 boy, i only have contact with one of the persons that got a girl and she is exactly like her mom, Then at 7 she had a litter, we wanted to keep a male and we had the vet check her out real good spent alot of money to make sure she was in good enough shape to breed one more time, it was a very hard birthing for her, she ended up having 6 males and 1 female but 3 males where still borne and 1 didn't last 24 hours. Now we did keep the first male, he is Hercules, and we where looking forward to breeding him, but when we had his OFA done they said he had mild hip displasia, so now we will have to have him fixed. I am so disapointed, first they he may have problems of his own one day, although hes was 3 in March and at this point shows no signs at all. Then second because he has an awesome bloodline tha i really wanted to continue. So now when momma leave i think I might look into resque, but I will miss having some little pups around. I just love seeing all of your pics on here. Thanks so much for sharing.

Hello friends,

greatings from Aachen, Germany.
You have great hompage and beautyful Rottweiler. I like them.
Best wishes for your kennel.


felicitari pt saitul costa o catelusa?

Dear Lucia !

Big compliments for your website and for your wonderfull dogs !!!
Good luck in the future !!!

Big kisses from Germany

thank you very much for your kind words and about the fact that you want to
visit our dogs with the greatest pleasure you are our guests, my request is
notify us in advance
Please detail any one address or Skype messenge

Sweet Kisses from Romania


I have an amazing German male. His name is Magnum and he is littermate of
Champion Matcho who died two years ago. Magnum is my fourth Rottie. We
live in Washington State in the US. I want to thank you for your
magnificant dogs that appear on your website. Our Rotts have been always
been members of our family. Magnum is no exception. Looking at your
magnificant dogs is like looking at mine, down to the beautiful dog smiles.
Breeders like you are special people. Your personality shows in thier
faces and amazing movement. If I ever hae the opportunity to see you or
visit with you in person I will be thrilled. Know you have a great admirer
and fan.

as dori sa stiu si eu pretul uni exemplar de la dumneavoastra

Hello my friend

I was look at your website...very good & you have a Beautiful dog´s !!
Greetings from Iceland ;-)

Buna ziua,
Am obtinut contactul d-voastra de la Clubul de Rottweiler , Germania.

Doresc sa cumpar un catel ,cu un caracter bun,apt pt paza casei si in
acelasi timp sa se adapteze la viata de familie cu copii.

Aveti disponibil un exemplar cu caliatatile sus mentionate?

Va multumesc,

hello.. im so very happy!! cause i have a new friends in romania!!.. i check ur web and i think that ur breed is very very nicce!! i love to the rottweiler...
Now u have a mexican friend... take care and check links in my web .. stay there!!

best regards dori sa imi cumpar si eu un rottweiler mascul ... id meu mircy_14m

sunt crescatoare de caine rottweiler si de cate ori vreau sa vad niste catei frumosi, niste exemplare extraordinare si pasiune in ceea ce fac ma uit pe site-ul vostru. sunt mai mult decat incantata si impresionata de ceea ce aveti acolo, si asta ma face sa va felicit pentru pasiunea voastra, va urez succes si numai realizari minunate, si cu siguranta va spun ca in momentul in care ma voi hotara sa imi cumpar o pereche de campioni cu siguranta m-as indrepta catre dumneavoastra.
o zi mununata, si daca se poate as dori informatii, noutati etc, pe mailul furnizat.
ramona (si "copiii" mele tasha si don)


What wonderful dogs you have in your Kennel.

I was just wondering if you have any planned matings for this year 2010?

If so would it be possible to reserve a male puppy from one of your breedings?

We are located in Kuwait, and he will be a house dog, not planning to breed just as a pet.

Look forward from hearing from you,

Best regards

Lateef and Dana

sunt foarte impresionat va urez mult succes in continuare si fff mult noroc si debia astept sa im raspundeti.imi doresc un caine rottweiler,iubesc aceasta rasa si nu as lua nici oadata un caine ca sal tin asa fara rost vreau sa fie un caine model in localitatea mea.

buna,imi doresc foarte mult un caine rottweiler,am fost foarte impresionat de aceasta rasa de caini.daca se poate asmi oferiti si mie un catel as fi foarte multumit,las trata ca pe un membru al familiei mele.contactatima si pe mine va rog pe yd roman_andrey_sweet sau pe nr de tel iar lipsi nimic

Buna seara, Luci,

vreau sa te felicit inca o data pentru tot ceea ce ai reusit sa realizezi
intr-un timp atat de scurt! Am fost foarte placut impresionata. In ceea ce
priveste cateii... nu am fost in viata mea atat de pupata! Sunt niste
scumpi, bucata cu bucata! Sa-ti traiasca si sa fie sanatosi si fericiti!

Si nu pot sa nu iti multumesc inca o data pentru ca m-ai considerat
potrivita pentru Cora! Te asigur ca nu-i va lipsi nimic - in nici un caz
dragostea! - si ca va fi ingrijita ca un membru al familiei noastre!

Se vede diferenta cand crescatorul este intr-adevar pasionat. Foarte frumos; sincer m-a impresionat aceasta canisa prin dragostea, grija si confortul oferite acestor caini. De-ar fi toate canisele asa...Felicitari pentru munca voasstra.

Hey ! Buna ! Sunt superbi toti catelusii pe care i-am vazut pe acest site ! Sunt indragostita de aceasta rasa si as dorii si eu un mascul cam prin Mai-Iunie .. locuiesc la curte pe langa Bucuresti si mai am 3 pisicute dar banuiesc ca nu ar fii o problema pentru el din moment ce ar creste alaturi de ele. As avea foarte muulte intrebari si indraznesc sa va cer asistenta . Multumesc mult si astept sa imi raspundeti . Andreea .